Measuring field strenght of radio transmission

The purpose of measuring field strenght is to know how intense the radio signal is.

The measurements were taken by using 10m high measuring mast and spectrum analyzer. The 10m high measuring mast was attached to the car when stopped randomly to a good place, such as parking area or a bus stop. The measurements were taken 30-100km away from the transmitter antenna and the weather, air temperature, description of area, location and elevation were noted. Measures were taken by following International Telecommunication Union's instructions so the outcome were comparable with recommendation and design standard.

The measurements could be used to count how many people can be reached and how well the advertisements were intented. On this project we took 84 measurements and we tried to take those as comprehensively as we could. The measurements show that the measurements were mostly better than on the ITU's transmission model, except few which were taken near the sea level, near the end of the signal distance range.

The measurements and the ITU standard.

Antenna attached to the car.