Insinööritoimisto Toikka Oy

Toikka Ltd. Engineering

A Finnish radio- and microwave technology company

The company was established in 1986. It is family owned and controlled (Toikka).

Our services consist of design, development and manufacturing microwave devices for customer special requirements.

The research projects we are involved in, are associated with remote sensing and ground truth equipments.

  • Haarukka


  • A portable instrument for measuring the properties of snow
  • There is no sampling
  • The fork does not compress the snow pack
  • The measurement is easily repeatable
  • The instrument can be checked by calibration measurement in the air
  • Suotutka


  • A portable instrument for defining the properties of peat and other wet materials with low conductivity
  • Can measure a peat layer of e.g. 2-3 metres deep, from surface to bottom in a couple of minutes
  • Calculates the dielectric, the bulk density and the water content of the peat.
  • The measurement is easily repeatable


Toikka Engineering Ltd.
Hannuntie 18
02360 Espoo


ALVno/V.A.T number: FI08519261

Managing Director

Martti Toikka
+358 9 813 5929

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